Testimonials: 5-Star Reviews from BrainGear Customers

Whether you're looking for an anti-anxiety or anti-stress solution, beating burnout, or just looking for improved focus and general brain wellness, let BrainGear work for you. Read testimonials about personal BrainGear experiences from BrainGear customers.

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"So...i just turned 50 and brain fog is a real thing! There were days when I could not think clearly even with enough sleep and eliminating that glass of red wine with dinner. Brain gear has turned that around for me!! This stuff works "instantly"! I drink a bottle first thing in the morning, even before my morning coffee. It fires up my brain and improves my mental capacity for the whole day...without jitters. Try it....you will not regret it." - Lucy, CA

"BrainGear is an excellent addition to my daily regimen. Whether taken "straight" from the bottle, or blended into a morning smoothie, it delivers just the boost I need to get ramped up for another productive day. I am very pleased with the increased energy." - Charles, NC

"Really good stuff. I tried going the cheaper route with all the "focus" products on Amazon and nothing works. I keep coming back to BrainGear because it delivers on its promises every time." - Arthur, TX

"I love BrainGear! First thing I have every morning, it’s a Great start to the day." - Denise, MN

"BrainGear has been great. I went from feeling brain fog to brain clarity and an ability to focus. BrainGear is better than other products I have tried." - Andrew, CA

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"I love BrainGear, the taste is tart and fruity. I feel a huge difference in my day because of it! Found this at a local health food store and wont stop buying it." - Brenda, IN

"BrainGear is easy to use, tastes great, and gives me added nutrients for cognitive health. I have been using this product for a month now and have noticed increased attention, ability to better focus on my work as a lawyer, and gives me confidence knowing I am receiving a quality product. BrainGear is easy to take to the gym and to court. I love the little bottle as I rinse it out for reuse. Love the product." - Nancy, TX

"I really like how it makes me feel - focused, clear minded and ready to be my most productive self. Also, the taste is surprising good considering how others like it are not so good. I prefer this over the effects of caffeine in the mornings." - Christy, SC

"I began drinking BrainGear as a replacement to product because Amazon had sold out of it during Covid. To my surprise after my first I experienced the difference. I had more mental energy, thought clearer and had better focus in my thoughts. Feeling overall much better. I began to go for walks...the taste is light and refreshing too no heavy sugars or thick juice drink.. I’m going on my third month and feeling better than ever." - Jadis, FL

"I have been using BrainGear fairly consistently over the past few months, primarily during the workweek, using one bottle in the morning and one in the afternoon. I believe I do feel/sense an increase in clarity and concentration as a result. I think it may be particularly helpful for the considerable number of people who either do not regularly have breakfast, or who intermittently fast, to nourish their brain during those times." - Charles, NY

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"I am loving BrainGear! My mind is noticeably sharper on days that I have used it, and when I haven't used it, it's obvious because my brain is foggy. Thank you!" - Rebecca, NH

"I do a lot of hockey-Mom driving. A bottle of BrainGear is great for keeping me alert on a long drive. My husband uses it on days he has important meetings or requires strong productivity at work and my daughter uses it for important hockey games and before AP/SAT/ACT tests. We find it really focuses and energizes our brains! We love BrainGear!" - Julie, PA

"I really love BrainGear! I felt the difference immediately when I drank the 1st bottle! I do experience foggy brain during the work day, even more so now that I'm working from home full time. BrainGear helped clear my foggy brain right up and really fast! GREAT PRODUCT!" - Sherri, FL

"Unlike coffee, BrainGear stimulates mental focus and concentration without making me nervous or jittery. It tastes good, and sometimes I even mix it in my ice cream." Luc, TX