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What’s the difference between good and bad nootropics?

Unlike many other products out there that claim to be “good for your brain”, BrainGear does not contain any synthetic nootropics as those have harmful side-effects. Each of our hand-picked nutrients plays an important role in addressing specific problems.

Easy Ways to Fight Brain Fog

It’s 3:00 in the afternoon and you’ve got a ton of stuff to do and suddenly, out of nowhere, you’re suddenly soooo tired. About-to-crash tired. You can’t concentrate, you feel out of it and everything seems difficult. This is called brain fog and it’s an epidemic.

Why BrainGear?

You’re smart, well-educated, charming and easy to talk to. However, haven’t you had those moments, engaged in conversation, where you suddenly struggle to find the right word or phrase? Many times this happens when you’re under stress, or simply just tired.

A New And Improved Brain? Yes, Please!

Chances are your toiletry bag includes myriad products for your body, your mouth, your hair. Sugar scrub for your thighs, vitamins and supplements, toothpaste, tooth whitener, sunscreen. But are you forgetting something? Look Ma—no brains!

4 Benefits of Fueling Your Brain

Fueling your brain means nourishing your neurons to support healthy brain function. Therefore, there are so many reasons as to why you should be taking care of your brain. It’s the powerhouse of your nervous system and controls the way your body breathes, moves, thinks, and so much more.