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What’s the difference between good and bad nootropics?

Unlike many other products out there that claim to be “good for your brain”, BrainGear does not contain any synthetic nootropics as those have harmful side-effects. Each of our hand-picked nutrients plays an important role in addressing specific problems.

What is burnout and why should you care?

In today’s world it’s easy to feel fatigued, burnt out, exhausted, or anxious. Before we share a few tips + tricks on how to calm the mind and bring anxiety and stress relief into our lives, let’s dive into what burnout really means. Common symptoms of burnout are feelings of being groggy, foggy...

4 Benefits of Fueling Your Brain

Fueling your brain means nourishing your neurons to support healthy brain function. Therefore, there are so many reasons as to why you should be taking care of your brain. It’s the powerhouse of your nervous system and controls the way your body breathes, moves, thinks, and so much more.